Asked and Received in Los Angeles

by Wanderlust Simply

Want a first class upgrade on your next flight? Ask for one. A few weekends ago, I flew to Los Angeles. It was 35 degrees Fahrenheit in New York and 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Los Angeles. So you can see why I was eager to get to the airport and get to LA on Friday, but sometime in the afternoon, I received a text message, an email and a Delta app alert that said my flight had been delayed. 

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica, California

On Sunday evening, I was less eager to get back to the cold, and again, I received a text mesage, an email and a Delta app alert that said my flight had been delayed. My flight was delayed both ways. The first thing I did was email my boss and secretary - to let them know I might be in late or not in at all but I would update them in the morning. The second thing I did was call Delta and request an upgrade. 


Not too long ago, Delta stopped automatic upgrades for its frequent fliers and elite skymiles members on transcontinental flights. But I needed a lay flat bed and as much sleep as possible if I was going to go directly into the office from a red-eye. So, I called and asked and I said please. With no pushback, the reservations agent said "Sure." and I was immediately upgraded to business class and enjoyed the entire flight on a lay flat bed.

Obviously, loyalty helps. But if you want an upgrade on your next flight, try just asking for one.